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The area of today’s Zoo extends over 48 hectares of exhibition area, where approximately 211 species are kept, ranging from mammals to invertebrates. The Zoo collection of animals includes gorillas, African elephants, giraffes, rhinos, wallabies, lion, tigers and anteaters. Among other attractive species, there are South American sealions, addaxes, South American lowland tapir, ruffed lemurs, spider monkeys and maned wolves.
Among birds, the most dominating groups are runners (ostriches, emus, cassowaries and nandus), penguins, cranes (7 species), hornbills, ibises, parrots. Lower orders of vertebrates are located particularly in the chateau basement with vivaria.

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 Lowland GorillaGiant Anteaters


Blue - and - yellow MacawsPapuan Hornbill




The Zlín Zoo is not built of cages, but it is a modern bio-park with spacious natural exhibition of animals. Individual exhibitions are sensitively set in a forest environment and faithfully imitate original habitats of animals. Zoo’s originality is the division of the premises by respective continents. Mammals and birds live here in common exhibitions or in adjoining outlets and you, as visitors, can get acquainted with typical and best-known representative animals of Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America.

Pond of gibbonsElephant exhibit