The building of the Ethiopia complex was started in April 2009. The total cost was 1.02 mil. EUR, 820 000 EUR from an EU grant. Within the frame of the building the large Gelada enclosure was sited on the hill above the elephant enclosure. The Rock Hyrax exhibition and the biggest metal net aviary in all Czech zoos, are also part of the Ethipia complex. The animal exhibitions are supplemented by ethic artefacts which were made by member of the Konso tribe for Zlin Zoo. 

The complex of new enclosures was opened in the presence of the Ethiopian ambasador in Berlín HE Siraj Reshid, the mayor of Zlin city Mrs. Irena Ondrová and other honoured guests on 14th August 2010.

Opening ceremony - HE Siraj Reshid, the mayor of Zlin city Mrs. Irena Ondrova and Mr. Solomer Kifle








During opening ceremony we named our 5 Gelada males. Their name were choosen by visitors of the zoo website and are in amhar – a language of Ethiopia. They are Negus (king), Tewagi (fighter), Gobez (bold), Kuru (courageous) and Awaqi (medicine man) and the spensors of the Geladas were the ambasador HE Mr. Siraj Reshid, the Czech diplomat Mr. Pavel Mikeš, his wife Mrs. Senajt Mikešová, the director of Zlin Zoo Mr. Ivo Klika and the visitor of zoo Mrs. Zdenka Koblihová from Přerov. 

HE Siraj Reshid, sponsor of Gelada baboon










Despite the opening of the new enclosure, the cooperation with Ethipia has not finished. Zlin Zoo wants to help Ethipian people by organizing a collection set for the Konso region. The money collected will go towards school equipment or anti malarial medicines.