The mission of a modern Zoological garden is not only in protection of animals, but also in the protection of nature as a whole. Therefore education and learning are integral part of this very important endeavour. Living exotic animals and huge natural exhibitions afford us a unique tool how to entice children and indeed all visitors, to think about environmental protection.

 Educational board about australian aboriginesEducational board about South American pampas








 Information about exhibitActual information about animals








We have prepared a number of excursions and instructional programs for grade schools and junior high schools. Excursions take place directly in individual exhibitions and pavilions in the ZOO area. Special work pages are also part of it. The educational programs in the Tyrol education centre are aimed at introduction of individual earth eco systems to the visitor.Educational program African savanna

Educational program Amazon rainforest 

Educational centre with products of nature

Educational program African savanna









ZOO visitors then can see guided feeding of animals or take advantage of instructions presented in the information education centres. Attractive instructional boards offer a slew of quality information.