The castle of LukovThe history of the Lešná Chateau reaches back to the times when the formerly distinguished Moravian castle of Lukov faced its end. In 1724, the Austrian House of Seilerns acquired castle, and in 1804, they began the construction of "Leschna". 

The current Art Nouveau chateau was built in 1887 - 1894. Most of the craftworks were carried out by renowned Vienna companies. The building was equipped with first-class materials and facilities - fabric was ordered in Paris, furniture in London. The interior was divided so that the basement would comprise technical and operational premises, the ground floor was designed for ceremonial halls and dwelling rooms, the first floor was taken up by living quarters of the count’s family and, finally, the The chateau Lešnasecond floor (attic) comprised mostly guestrooms. The beauty of the furnishings was found particularly in the halls on the ground floor: the Hall, library, dining room and the ancestors’ hall with a gallery of portraits depicting members of the house. Thanks to its luxurious interiors, the building offered high standard of living, including modern comforts of the day, such as central heating, electricity, house telephone and taps with cold and hot water, modern bathrooms.


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