The best of zoo

The pavilion of African wildlifeThe ZOO belongs among the most beautiful parts of the whole of Moravia. The garden is situated in an English-style park with more than 1,100 tree species and decorative bushes. Also, while walking under the crowns of hundred-years-old trees, you will encounter 211 species of animals of 4 continents. 

To visit the entire zooset aside at least 6 to 8 hours. This way, you can cover most of the exhibitions, some animals feeding times or other programs.

Chateau Lešná

Visit to the Chateau Lešná will take 45 minutes. 


1. Unique pavilons and exhibits

► African region
Ethiopia, Elephant pavilon, The pavilion of African wildlife, Flamingos exhibit, Lions exhibit, Walk through lemurs catta exhibit,  Gorillas exhibit, Vultures and Mongoose exhibit.

Flamingos exhibit

Lions exhibit









► Asian region 
Exhibit of Siberian tigers, Large walk through birds exhibit, Pond of gibbons, Lemur vari exhibit, Asian steppe.  

► Australian region
A trail for emu runners - walk through exhibit of kangaroos and brown emus.
 Asiatic black bears exhibitWalk through exhibit of kangaroos








► Central and South American region 
Tropical Yucatan hall, Exhibits of Amazonia, Exhibit of South American pampas, Exhibit of Humboldt penguins, Exhibit of South American sealions.  

Exhibit of South American sealions

Exhibit of tapirs, anteaters and capybaras









The chateau park2. Chateau Lešna

3. The
chateau park 



Animals feeding times 
During the animal feeding times, we will introduce you to some selected animal species the ZOO keeps. 

► There is children’s games area with wooden castle for 
the children to play in, trampolines and various other attractions. 

Take a ride on camel, ponies, or take a ride on the mini-train!

The ride on camel

The ride on the mini-train









African restaurant Limpopo
Stylish restaurants
Five roofed stylish restaurants are available; two are opened even during winter.

Entertainment programs are available throughout the year and and the most popular is the Autumn Lantern ZOO event.


The best of zoo