Welcome to the Zlín ZOO -  zoo of the continents

Visit the Zlín ZOO and you won’t be sorry! It is opened 365 days per year and it belongs among the most popular zoological gardens in the country. Featuring extensive natural exhibition with flowing creeks and waterfalls, a Yucatan tropical hall, walk through exhibit and aviary, Chateau Lešna and beautiful park and animals offer an unforgettable experience and day-long fun and games for the whole family.

The original feature of the ZOO is the gardens' division into sections according to individual continents. So, in one day, you may trek through Africa, travel through Asia, Australia, Central and South America and you, as visitors, can get acquainted with 211 species of animals. The most attractive are gorillas, African elephants, giraffes, rhinos, wallabies, lions, tigers, anteaters, South American sealions, penguins, cranes, parrots.

Video - Ethiopia


On 14th August 2010 Zlin Zoo has opened a complex of new enclosures called Ethiopia in the presence of the Ethiopian ambasador in Berlín HE Siraj Reshid, the mayor of Zlin city Mrs. Irena Ondrová and other honoured guests.

► Yucatan tropical hall
A tropical hall showing fauna, flora and Mayan civilization Video - Yucatan tropical hall
of the Yucatan peninsula was opened in October 2006.

► The pavilion of African wildlife
with snub-nosed rhinos, Rothschild giraffes, maneless zebras, blesbucks and ostriches. 

► Elephant pavilion 
A large exhibit with a modern pavilion is dedicated to African elephants.


Video - Elephant exhibitVideo - Rothschild giraffes exhibit










► Exhibits of Amazonia 
A unique system of natural outlets. Among the best known animals belong squirrel monkeys and the through-going aviary of South American macaws.   

► Lions exhibit 
A modern natural outlet for lions was opened in 2004.

► A trail for emu runners
Walk through exhibit has become a habitat of kangaroos and brown emus. 

► Walk through lemurs catta exhibit 
An insular exhibit of Madagascar prosimians, catta lemurs came into existence in the vicinity of the elephant pavilion. Visitors can watch animals from close quarters.

Lemurs catta exhibitThe trail for emu runners







 The chateau Lešna

Chateau Lešna
Visitors can see the former ceremonial halls and 10 rooms; all areas are originally furnished.

English style park
The well-planned Zoo grounds are made up of rich vegetation, comprising more than 1 100 species and varieties of wood plants.



ZOO Zlín was visited by 503 322 visitors in 2011. Come to see us!